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Meet Dr Boe

Dr Adam Boe was formerly in the Army Veterinary Corps. He traveled globally with the military providing relief works, training peers in veterinary medicine and working with local & foreign zoos to provide education. He also worked extensively with military working dogs and TSA providing care and medical treatment for animals.

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Its a miracle!

"Every day my dog gets one chew after his morning routine. I have noticed a difference in his fur, shedding, and teeth. He is no longer chewing his paws. This chew has been a miracle in my dog's health."


Formulated by Dr. Boe

Backed up by years of experience with the military

Recommended & used by Veterinarians

Serving Those Who Serve Us

Everytime you shop at Dr Boe's, we donate to K9 Courage to help them rehome retired military working dogs and support/service dogs for combat veterans with PTSD & other physical injuries.

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No more expensive vet visits!

After years of serving as a veterinarian in the US Army with some amazing military working dogs, Dr. Boe and his wife, Christina decided to start a company that was dedicated to providing the very best veterinary products for your furry family members that work the first time you use them. Say goodbye to shopping for the right fit for your pups!