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Transform your dog's mood and energy levels. 

Dr. Boe’s Calming supplement for dogs features a potent formula infused with Hemp and Chamomile to effectively combat anxiety and hyperactivity in your beloved pet.

  • Manages Separation Anxiety
  • Manages Nervousness
  • Manages Separation Anxiety
  • Formulated & Made in the US
  • 100% Safe & Vet-Approved
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5 Reasons Why Dr. Boe’s Calming Supplement is a MUST Have For Your Dog!

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Creates Calm from the Core

Many “bad behaviors” are often signs of stress or anxiety. True tranquility starts from within. We enhance well-being by tackling the root cause of stress and hyperactivity. Dr. Boe’s Calming Supplement is meticulously developed for long-lasting serenity for your dog.

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Soothes Anxiety-Induced Behaviors

An anxious dog may resort to excessive paw licking or scratching, signaling internal distress. Unlike temporary fixes, Dr. Boe’s goes deep to alleviate the anxiety with a powerful but gentle formula that's been vet-formulated to ease your dog not just at the symptom but at the source.



Deliciously Irresistible to Dogs

We know that some dogs might be selective with what they eat. That's why Dr. Boe’s Calming Supplement is formulated to be irresistibly tasty for all dogs, ensuring they enjoy taking their daily dose of calm without any fuss.

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

Your confidence in our product is paramount. That's why Dr. Boe’s offers a complete satisfaction guarantee. If you don't see a positive change in your dog's demeanor, we're here to make it right with a full refund. Our dedicated customer support team is always on hand to address any questions or concerns.

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Expertise and Compassion Combined

Behind Dr. Boe’s Calming Supplement is Dr. Adam Boe, a figure of authority and a dedicated pet parent. His distinguished background in the Army Veterinary Corps, extensive global relief work, and hands-on experience with military and TSA working dogs imbue this supplement with unmatched expertise.

Dr. Boe's direct involvement in developing solutions reflects years of encounter with common dog issues, ensuring your pet benefits from a blend of professional insight and compassionate care. Choosing Dr. Boe’s means entrusting your dog's well-being to a supplement that's not just effective but born out of a profound commitment to animal health.

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Calming Supplement


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Calming Supplement



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Calming Supplement



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The #1 Choice For Dog Owners

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The best calming chews

"These calming chews for dogs are quite simply the best! I actually got them for my golden retriever for times when he is too high energy and I need him to be more calm - and they work amazingly well with him and get him mellowed out in no time while still allowing him to remain alert - but I also love that these work well for dogs of all sizes! Whether it’s my 3 lb pomeranian or my 85 lb golden, the chews are the answer to hyperactivity or anxiety. I am so pleased with these. They do only get used on a situational basis in my home, so the container is lasting awhile, but I will definitely be purchasing these again, they are the best! Oh, and don’t tell the dogs that these aren’t actually real treats, because they think these are treats, haha!"

- Jennifer

Great help for fireworks!

"Our little rescue pup gets super nervous for like 2 months around 4th of July and New Years because of all the fireworks - he knows they're coming weeks ahead, and also stays nervous for a month or so after. That's 4 month of nervous! I usually give him Rescue Remedy in advance which helps a lot, but these added to the routine really did help him. I break one up over his food in the morning, and he was so much calmer this time around!"

- Deborah Price

Good for Anxiety

"We purchased the calming chews for one of our Chihuahuas (Hazel) who was a rescue. We believe she is about twelve years based on the doctor's best estimate. She has had issues with seizures and has problems with her back legs. She is quite small at under seven pounds.

Hazel has bouts of what appears to be anxiety. She will pace, scratch herself compulsively, want to go outside/inside constantly and appears uncomfortable in a nervous way. We typically use chamomile and melatonin supplements when she appears anxious. We decided to test these chews as the inclusion of hemp seed oil is good for her joints as well.

These chews have a similar impact to our regular chews. The dog appears to be noticeably calming within thirty minutes. The dog will be relaxed or sleeping within an hour. With a similar effect and the inclusion of hemp seed oil (plus additional safe herbs) makes this product an upgrade over our current solution.

This is a fantastic supplement for nervous dogs or those that are terrified by thunder, fireworks and loud noises. Hazel had intense seizures after a bad thunderstorm once and we have always felt bad. We feel like calming chews are important for her heatlh. The hemp seed oil will help her joints as well. We are very pleased with these 5-star chews!"

- C. Rich


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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Boe’s Calming Supplement stands apart due to its unique formulation by Dr. Adam Boe, a former Army veterinarian with extensive experience in animal care across the globe. Unlike other products, it's crafted from natural ingredients like Hemp and Chamomile to address anxiety and hyperactivity without sedatives, reflecting years of veterinary expertise.