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Dr. Boe's Veterinary Essentials MultiPup Vitamin Chews

Dr. Boe's Veterinary Essentials MultiPup Vitamin Chews

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Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Support COMPREHENSIVE BLEND: MultiPup offers a complete and comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in a delicious chew that your pup will love! MultiPup promotes a healthy immune system, strong heart, healthy gut, & stable hips and joints in dogs. Each soft chew contains essential Omega Fatty Acids, DHA, EPA, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) that are critical for your dog’s health. I always recommend MultiPup for any patient that is on a home-made diet. Not only do I see immediate improvements in their GI health, but the regular use of probiotics can often be seen to benefit the immune system, reduce inflammation, and lessen the symptoms of allergies. 100% NATURAL: Not all probiotics on the market are made equally. MultiPup was formulated by veterinarians to be a safe, nutrient rich, and all-natural product their patients love taking so you know you pup is getting the best possible care! PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA SUPPORT OUR MILITARY WORKING DOGS: Every purchase contributes to helping to place retired Military Working Dogs in loving homes so they can spend their days on the comfy couches they deserve. VETERINARY RECOMMENDED: All Veterinary Essentials products are designed by veterinarians and are extensively used in my practice because they are safe, reliable, and effective. And we don’t use any products that aren’t personally approved by my four-legged associates Koa and Indie.

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